Xtracycle DIY - RainCover for FreeRad

The FreeLoader is great, the only problem is that it has no cover and rain pours on it, besides that small loads placed high can fall.
In order to repair that, i've decided to make a simple and cheap rain cover.
Here's how i did it:

Just bougth a backpack raincover (8,90€).
The 35/50 L seems the right size...

This one is reversible, you can choose the green or the bright yellow side!

Took off the snapdeck and covered the FreeRad with the RainCover.
You can see that it covers the holes, even with some cargo.
(it has a built-in strap to tight the rain cover)

Put the snapdeck over again

And then i've rolled it (burrito style ehehe) and secured it with a cam strap

(the one i had to secure the snapdeck)


(actually i've reversed the rain cover, i use the green when rolled and the BRIGHT YELLOW when open)

Time to test it......does anyone knows any DIY RAIN DANCE??

2 comentários:

anabananasplit disse...

epá, muito fixe! Tenho que experimentar isso!

Gonças disse...

eheh reparei que no LabCaP estavas demasiado concentrada para te teres apercebido REALMENTE do que te estava a falar!