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Um documento curioso.
Sobre a ciência da felicidade.
Fica aqui a lista das 10 coisas mais importantes para atingir a
felicidade (sem qq ordem), para os mais preguiçosos\atarefados.

Gosto particularmente da... 8.

1) Don't equate happiness with money. People adapt to income shifts
relatively quickly, the long lasting benefits are essentially zero.

2) Exercise regularly. Regular exercise is an effective cure for mild
depression and anxiety. It also stimulates more energy, and is good for
the mind and body.

3) Have sex (preferably with someone you love). Need I say more?>

4) Devote time and effort to close relationships. Confiding and
discussing problems and issues is good for happiness, so work on these relationships.

5) Pause for reflection, meditate on the good things in life. Focusing
on the good aspects of life helps to prevent hedonic adaptation.

6) Seek work that engages your skills, look to enjoy your job. Doing
well at work creates happiness, and the easiest way of doing well at
work, is doing a job you enjoy.

7) Give your body the sleep it needs. Too many people have a sleep
deficit, resulting in fatigue, gloomy moods and lack of concentration.

8) Don't pursue happiness for its own sake, enjoy the moment. Because
people don't understand what makes them happy, pursuing happiness can
be self-defeating. Additionally, if people start to aim for happiness
they are doing activities for happiness's sake rather than actually
enjoying the activity itself.

9) Take control of your life, set yourself achievable goals. People are
happiest when they achieve their aims, so set yourself goals which
stretch you, but are achievable.

10) Remember to follow rules 1-9. Following these guidelines sounds
easy, but actually requires willpower and effort.

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